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Safe Water For All

Here is what your generous gifts will do to Change lives.

$25.00 Gift

Generates 1 APX10C. This is the Membrane Core for the APX10 Water Purification Unit (WPU).

$50.00 Gift 

Generates 1 APureX10 Water Purification Unit (WPU) that will supply approx. 3000 gallons.

Two APureX10 Filters

$100.00 Gift 

Generates 2 APureX10 Water Purification Units (WPU).

Tower Filter

$200.00 Gift

Generates 1 AmenaWell Tower that will supply approximately 2000 gallons.


$300.00 Gift 

Generates 1 Portable AmenaWell Back Pack capable of generating 2000 gallons of safe drinking water.