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Noni-Profits Need All Their Donations

Decrease Processing Costs

Increase Donations 12% to 50%

Non-Profit organizations NEED all of the money they receive in donations to do their good work. Unfortunately, charities spend a portion of their donations received, in donor acquisition costs.

Processing costs decrease donations by an average of 12% and can be as high as 50% for special events.  

How We Do It

  • We create the buttons, donation pages and URLs for you.
  • Your donors pay a donation administration fee of 5 ¼ cents per $1.00 donated (5.25%) in addition to their donation amount, making it possible for 100% of their donation to go directly to a specific cause.
  • There are NO hidden costs, setup fees, percentages, monthly fees or transaction fees.
Couple discussing financial issue.
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Receive 100% of Donations

Zero Cost to you

NO Hidden Costs or Fees

We have processed millions of dollars in charitable donations, and NO ONE has ever declined to pay the 5.25% administration fee, ensuring that you receive 100% of their donated amount.

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ZeroCostFundraising.com is honored to announce ChangeThruChange.org as their Charitable Giving recipient.

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