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All For Zero Cost

Receive 100% of Donations!

ZeroCost Fundraising provides your non-profit organization with the tools it needs to dramatically increase your outreach to donors. We make it possible for you to receive 100% of your donations.…

All at Zero Cost to your non-profit organization. 

We Can…

  • Create unlimited causes and monitor the effectiveness of each one in real-time.
  • Eliminate online donor acquisition costs with our ZeroCost Fundraising platform.
  • Provide custom donate buttons and URLs to email, text or put on social media.
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  • Set-up donors on recurring payments for long-term support.
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  • Provide your donors an IRS Certified receipt instantly for tax purposes.
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  • Pay you the next business day when a donation is made to a cause.
Couple discussing financial issue.
    • Provide you with an integrated, expandable, donation management platform.
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    • Deliver accurate timely data, portal  access and real-time reporting.
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    • Provide lightning-fast implementation.

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Change Thru Change

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We provide portable filtration systems to all those in need of pure, safe drinking water.

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